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Foundations of Government

Ms. Bloch

This crossword puzzle is a review of the vocabulary and concepts learned in Unit 1: Foundations of Government.

1 2 3
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  8   9 10              
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  16                       17
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4.The part of the Constitution that describes the goals and purposes of the government
7.The legislative body that can propose an amendment to the US Constitution
10.THe fundamental freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition are protect in the ________________ Amendment in the Bill of Rights.
11.The rights of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" set forth in the Declaration of Independence
13.Fundamental principle in which the people elect officeholders to make laws and conduct government on their behalf (2 Words)
16.The man who is credited with writing the Declaration of Independence
18.Fundamental principle in which the government and those who govern are bound by the law, as are those that are governed (3 Words)
19.The US Constitution guarantees equality under the law with the majority rule and the rights of the minority ____________________.
20.Because the process is so complex, to date, there are only 27 __________________________ to the Constitution.
22.Complaints listed in the Declaration of Independence
1.The _________ must agree to a proposed amendment to the Virginia Constitution
2.Document declaring the colonies' independence from Great Britain (3 Words)
3.Fundamental principle in which the government is not all-powerful and may only do those things people have given it the right to do (2 Words)
5.The process in which the states agree to a proposed amendment to the US Constitution
6.Document that established the structure of the US government
7.The Articles of __________________ established the first form of national government that had a weak central government.
8.Fundamental principle in which the people rule
9.Fundamental principle in which people are the source of any any all govenmental power (4 Words)
12.The first three words of the Preamle to the Constitution (3 Words)
14.The Charters of the ______________ _______________ of London guaranteed the rights of Englishmen to the colonists (2 Words)
15.The Virginia _________________ of Religious Freedom stated freedom of religious beliefs and opinions.
17.The Virginia Declaration of ____________ served as a model for the Bill of Rights
21.All people are __________ under the law

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