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Psychology Revision Puzzle

Daniel Doherty

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1.All babies' external sex organs are the same until what week of preganancy?
4.Refers to the psychological aspects of the individual.
7.The main hormone in females
8.The main hormone in males
10.Refers to the biological aspects of the individual.
12.Develop into ovaries or testes
13.Give and example of a female trait
14.Women are supposed to be superior to men with which skill?
1.if the X chromosome fertilises the egg the baby will be a?
2.Someone who appears to be neither masculine nor feminine is?
3.XX and XY
5.What are responsible for the changes to the external sex organs?
6.Give an example of a male trait
9.Men are supposed to be better with this trait than women?
11.If the Y chromosome fertilises the egg the baby will be a?

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