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Initial Unit II Group Assignment

Allison Clare Andrews

First attempt of Group Unit II Assignment

3   4
6           7   8          

2.The B in an AABA form is also known as what?
5.Electronic microphone invention influenced this style of music
6.Group of immigrants that played a central role in the music industry in the early 1900s
7.Close proximity of the TPA music publishers and stages of _______ benefited the entertainment industry
9.Music pattern that is repeated to create rhythmic momentum
10.Last name of one who billed himself as The Worlds Greatest Entertainer
1.Individual who is responsible for choosing the key, tempo, instrumental accompaniment
3.Last name of most productive TPA songwriter who lived to be over 100
4.Song that possesses a continuing appeal that surpasses nostalgia
8.Name of first musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein

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