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Theater Production Terms 2

Donna Stembridge

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1.the seating area of the theater
4.progression of a story from the point of attack through the highest point
5.public performance of play before official opening
6.when the actors ready the show for performance
8.person responsible for financial matters for a show
10.the director's record of blocking, movement and technical cues necessary for running the show
11.includes the entire play from opening line to ending, ideally without any stops
12.out of sight of the audience
13.to conceal areas from the audience's view
14.articles that can be moved or carried in the course of a play
2.backdrops that when lit from back are semitransparent and when lit from front are opaque
3.the plan for making actors visable on stage during a performance
4.refers to something on-stage that actually works
7.taking from view one setting and revealing another
9.slopes upward from front to back

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