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Methods of Research Review

Mrs Thakur

Work together to figure out the clues.

1 2
3                     4
  7       8             9
  11     12
    16           17    
20                     21

3.A research method that takes an in-depth look at a single individual.
5.To control for the influence of biases from both experimentere and subject, a ___-blind experiment would be used.
6.A measure of variability which is the distance between the highest and lowest scores.
7.The type of statistic that is used to summerize the data in a meaningful way
10.Subjects who are used as a baseline are part of this group.
13.Specific predictions arrived at logically from a theory.
14.An approach that is used to discover accurate information and analyze data.
15.An objective description of how a variable is going to be observed and measured.
16.The subset of a population.
18.The score that stands right in the middle of the ordered distribution of scores.
19.If you are part of this group, you're experience is that of variable manipulation.
20.Mathematical methods used to report data.
22.A ___ sign in the correlational coefficient indicates that the two factors vary in the same direction.
1.Conducting a study in the natural world.
2.The score that is the most typical score in a set.
4.Sugar pill
8.The procedure that gives every member of the population an equal chance of being part of the sample.
9.This type of research allows you to find relationships between two or more variables.
11.The type of statistic that help us draw conclusions about the experiment, such as whether something happened by chance or not.
12.The only type of research that allows you to determine cause and effect.
17.Includes face-to-face questions about experiences and attitudes.
21.Calculated by adding all the scores and dividing that total by the number of scores.

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