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Chemistry Measurement

G. Oakley

Chemistry terminology associated with measurements made in the SI system.

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4.SI unit of temperature
5.how many significant digits in the quantity "1127 students in the HS"
6.memory tool (ex: "King Hector Died By Drinking Chocolate Milk")
9.closeness a measurement is to the accepted ('true') value
10.collection of related measurements (ex: SI or English _?_)
18.describes a property that does depend on sample size (ex: mass)
19.all the #'s in a measurement known with certain plus a final estimated digit
21.device used to measure metal block dimensions to nearest 0.01 cm
22.SI prefix meaning "1/1000"
24.describes a numeric measurement
25.most dense (13.6 g/mL) liquid element at room temperature
28.liquid volume equal to one cubic decimeter
29.a measurement should always include both a # and a(n) _?_
30.quantity that measures (counts) numbers of chemical particles
1.curved surface of a liquid
2.SI is based on properties of the Earth and _?_
3.SI prefix meaning "1000"
5.very large or small #'s should be written in scientific _?_
6.density = mass ÷ volume; which of these is unaffected by temperature changes?
7.describes a property independent of sample size (ex: density, MP)
8.describes the consistency (or 'exactness') of a repeated measurement
11.mass per unit volume
12.density of substance ÷ density of water; unitless scale; specific _?_
13.length, mass, temperature, time; the fundamental or _?_ quantities
14.used to measure the volume of an irregular (insoluble) solid
15.describes a measurement (ex: shape) that is nonnumeric
16.the last digit in a measurement is (usually) _?_
17.SI unit of length
20.average density determines if a substance will sink or _?_ in water
23.how many significant digits in the measurement "0.01010 grams"
26.first letter of these if by increasing density: iron, water, mercury, aluminum
27.how many significant digits in the measurement "25.000 milliliters"

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