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Office Terms

Mr. Panagos

Terms from Exercises 1 through 4 of Office Basics

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3.A standard setting or mode of operation.
8.The area on-screen where a program or document is displayed.
10.Shift the displayed area on the document up, down, left, right.
12.Computers, printers, and other devices.
13.Enlarge a window so it fills the entire screen.
14.Return a minimized window to its previous size and position on the screen.
15.Input that tells the computer which task to execute.
18.A wheel on some mouse devices ( called a wheeled mouse ) used to navigate through a document on-screen.
20.A menu of relevant commands that displays when you right-click and item.
23.A worldwide network of computers
25.A smooth, cushioned surface on which you slide a mouse.
27.A menu that is displayed when you select a command on another menu.
29.The window in which you are currently working.
31.A taskbar button that represents all open windows for one application.
33.Text or graphics set up to provide a direct connection with a destination location, When you click a Hyperlink, the destination is displayed.
34.The flashing vertical line that indicates where the next action will occur in a document or file on-screen.
38.A menu that displays pictures instead of plain text options.
41.Return a maximized window to its previous size and position on the screen.
42.A device that allows you to select items onscreen by pointing at them with the mouse pointer.
43.A picture used to identify an element on-screen, such as a toolbar button.
44.A small window that displays additional options and commands for certain features in a program
1.Increase the size of the document as it is displayed on the screen.
2.Arrange windows so they overlap with the active window in front.
4.Keystrokes that can be used in place of mouse clicks to select any command.
5.A type of command that can be switched on or off.
6.Menus, icons, and other items that are part of an on-screen interface.
7.Arrange windows so they do not overlap.
9.A mouse pointer shape resembling the uppercase letter I.
11.To page through a document in order to view some part of its contents that is not currently displayed.
16.A marker on your computer screen that shows you where the next mouse action will occur. The mouse pointer changes shapes depending on the current action.
17.The ability to work with another program or hardware device.
19.A ribbon that is only available in a certain context or situation.
21.A feature that displays the potential result of applying an editing or formatting change.
22.A feature in Office that automatically saves files at a set interval so files may be recovered.
24.A list of commands or choices.
26.A screen element that displays buttons for accessing Office features and commands.
28.Hide a window so it appears only as a button on the Window taskbar.
30.The file currently open and active. Actions and commands will affect the current file.
32.A row of buttons used to select features and commands.
35.A pop-up letter that identifies the access keys for a command.
36.A balloon that contains information displayed when you rest your mouse pointer over certain screen elements.
37.A window in which you select options that affect the way the program executes a command.
39.Programs that provide the instructions for a computer or other hardware device.
40.Decrease the size of the document as it is displayed on the screen.

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