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Integumentary System Study guide

Mrs. Meade

study guide integumentary system

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3.the cells in the skin that are stimulated when exposed to sunlight, causing darkening of the exposed area.
4.sebaceous glands secrete an oil for hair and skin called_____.
6.outermost layer of the skin.
8.acne vulgaris is a common chronic disorder of the _____ _____ (2 words)
12.when normal hair is replaced by a very short, transparent hair, what condition results?
13.what layer of skin would change the greatest if you overate constantly for 3 months
15.the muscle that causes the skin to pucker around a hair when exposed to a sudden chill.
19.oil producing glands of the skin are called __________.
23.any change in an existing wart or mole may be a sign of _____.
24.when topical medication is applied to the skin, which function of the skin is being utilized?
25.what is one of the functions of the skin?
26.the visible part of the hair is called the _____.
27.the hollow tube in which the hair grows.
28.the layer of skin that contains the blood vessels, nerves, glands and hair follicles.
1.may appear as a brown irregular patch that appears suddenly (2 words)
2.with acne, oily deposits harden and pores become plugged when the secretions can't escape, they fill with these.
5.the pigment that gives color to the skin
7.what disorder of the integumentary system causes potential infection to the newborn baby?
9.the outermost layer of the epidermis
10.ridges that provide resistance to slipping when grasping objects
11.sweat glands
14.what type of burn involves complete destruction of the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer?
16.the innermost layer of the epidermis constantly reproduces itself and enables the skin to ____.
17.inflammation of the skin that produces a rash
18.what is the primary cause of skin cancer?
20.axillary sudoriferous glands produce an odor when their secretion mixes with _____.
21.the ridges of the stratum germinativum are called _________.
22.sweat glands are found primarily in or on the _____.

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