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Halloween Crossword Puzzle

Patty Cannoy

"Do you dare try your hand at this creepy crossword?"

  3 4          
  5 6    
8       9
11         12                  
15                     16  

3.The blood on this monster just might not be fake.
7.Witches use one to brew their potions.
10.This animal is a sign of bad luck.
11.Some people just use one of these for a disguise on Halloween.
12.This sweet treat is orange, yellow and white.
13.People like to wear these on Halloween
15.A spooky place with ghosts, cobwebs and things that go bump in the night.
17.Black and this color are the basic colors of Halloween
18.A witch needs this to get around.
1.It's fun to get a lot these when you go trick-or-treating.
2.This spooky lady rides a broom.
4.The day before Halloween
5.This poor monster has a bolt through his neck.
6.Carve one of these to make a jack-o-lantern.
8.Take this trick-or-treating with you to help see in the dark.
9.Celebrate Halloween in this month.
14.Just a bag of bones.
16.This 8-legged animal is a perfect mascot for Halloween.

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