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  4                       5  
6                           7      
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  18               19

1.the study of the rights and duties of citizens
3.form of decision making or a government in which one person or a small group holds all the power
4.type of monarchy where the ruler has limited power
6.type of democratic government in which decisions are made by elected members
7.dictators govern with an "iron ____"
8.form of decision making in which all members have a vote
12.one type of authoritarian government
13.type of democracy in which all citizens have equal power
14.organized system by which a group of people make laws and decisions for a community
16.community of people who are organized based upon a shared relationship
18.using threats and force to intimidate citizens
20.government in which a king, queen or emperor rules
21.author of "Animal Farm"
22.citizens in a democracy have equal ______ rights
1.a person who has certain rights and duties as a member of a community
2.members of a social system who hold power and the institutions through which they hold power
5.type of monarchy where the ruler has unlimited power
9.typically this is censored in a dictatorship
10.group decision reached through discussion to which all members agree
11.resource in short supply in "The River"
15.minorities are _________ in a democracy
17.how a society organizes the production, distribution, and consumption of resources
19.democracies have two or more political ________ for the voters to choose from
21.number of political parties in a dictatorship

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