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Polar Bears

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1.Polar bears live on shifting ice masses in this area of the world.
4.The International Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears, signed in 1971, strictly regulated this.
5.The subject of our presentation.
11.The World Conservation Union is a _______ species.
12.This is so insulating that polar bears need to be careful not to overheat in the summer.
2.This leads to the polar bear habitats melting and shrinking. (No space)
3.A layer in the atmosphere that has a growing hole in it.
6.An oil company fighting for arctic oil.
7.Polar bears feed mostly on this animal.
8.The polar bear population in this area has decreased 22% in recent years.
9.The biggest _____ to polar bears are decreased habitat, hunting, pollution, oil, and humans.
10.One of the indigenous peoples who traditionally have hunted polar bears.

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