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Solar System and Beyond

Mrs. Matte

2 3 4            
7           8          
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4.This planet is closest to the sun.
5.This is a very small, hot star. They are the shrunken remains of normal stars. (2 Words)
7.A celestial body that has a solid 'nucleus' of ice and rock. When near the sun it develops a gaseous head (coma) and long tail which points away from the sun.
8.A cloud of dust and gas(hydrogen) in space. They are the birth places of stars.
9.They are large planets located in the outer realms of our solar system. They are gas giants made mostly of hydrogen and helium and are much larger than terrestrial planets. (2 Words)
10.This planet is known as Earth's twin.
13.The only planet that can sustain life.
14.Believed to form from massive stars at the end of their life times. The gravitational pull is so great that nothing can escape, not even light. (2 Words)
18.When meteoroids fly through the Earth's atmosphere, they can be seen as streaks of loight in the sky. 'Shooting Stars'
19.A meteoroid that has landed on Earth.
20.This planet is known for it's bright blue color.
21.A small celestial body orbiting the Sun, commonly found especially between Mars and Jupiter.
1.They are small, dense, rocky worlds. They are located in the inner part of the solar system. (2 Words)
2.These stars are composed mainly of neutrons and are produced when a supernova explodes. (2 Words)
3.These are very cool, faint, and small stars. (2 Words)
6.The nickname of this planet is the 'red planet'.
11.A luminous globe of gas producing it's own heat and light. They mostly consist of hydrogen and helium.
12.A small piece of rock orbiting the sun; a chunk of metal or rock; smaller than an asteroid.
15.This planet has the most dominant rings of all the outer planets.
16.This is the explosive death of a star, and often results in the star abtaining the brighness of 100 million suns for a short time.
17.The largest planet in the solar system.

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