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Unit 1 Vocabulary Review

By Ms. Iocco

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2.You would not believe how _____________________ my mom was acting today. She kept suddenly yelling at me to do my chores and then would get distracted by a phone call or television show and forget about it for a while. But, then, suddenly, she would be yelling again.
6.I hope that Beyonce and Jay Z's relationship will be _______________________, but this doesn't seem likely since most Hollywood relationships aren't long-lasting.
8.The word ____________________________ means to caution or advise against something or to scold mildly.
9.The word ________________________ means to make a mess of.
11.The word _______________________ means lasting a long time, persistent.
12.The word _____________________ means a difficult or perplexing situation or problem.
16.Angela's ex-boyfriend was so spurious. It turned out that most of what he told her was a lie!
18.The word _______________________ means to incline to beforehand (to be prone to something).
21.He ran around the field with _____________________ enthusiasm after receiving the first place trophy. I wouldn't have been able to control myself either!
22.The word _______________________________ means a bandit, robber, or thief.
24.The word _________________________ means stubborn and often unreasonable in holding to one's own ideas.
25.The word __________________________means to be at a complete standstill.
27.The word __________________________ means clumsy, hard to handle, slow-moving.
28.The word ________________________ means to save from a fire or shipwreck.
30.The principal has warned that she will _______________________ or cell phones if we ever bring them into school. I'm keeping mine at home because I definitely don't want her to seize mine!
33.I have a huge __________________. I was invited to two Halloween parties and deciding between them is so difficult. One is being thrown by my best friend, but the other one seems like it is going to be much more fun!
34.Rhianna needs to be extremely _________________________ when it comes to Chris Brown. If she's not carefully, he could mistreat her all over again.
35.The word _____________________________ means an opening, gap, or violation.
36.Eventhough my mom has asthma, I hope that unlike Piggy from Lord of the Flies, I an not _______________________d to asthma.
37.Sometimes after watching a really scary movie, I wish I could ____________________ my memory. This way, I could actually sleep without having nightmares!
38.The word ______________________ means to let go, give up.
1.My father is so ______________________ that sometimes I have to tune him out. It's like he keeps talking and talking without actually having a clear point to make. He would surely be upset if he heard this!
3.The word _________________________ means sudden and violent but brief.
4.You wouldn't believe how much ______________________ was left on my block after Hurricane Irene hit! The amount of wreckage was unreal!
5.It is so hard for me to concentrate on school in June. The excitement of summer vacation always has the ability to ___________________ my mind.
7.After my cousin and her boyfriend broke up, he asked her to _______________________ her engagement ring, but she said, "No, no, no!"
10.The word ____________________________ means scattered fragments, wreckage.
13.My mother always tells me not to walk home alone at night because she doesn't want a _______________________ to get me. I always listen because I don't wan't a bandit to get me either!
14.There has never been someone more ______________________ than my cousin, Joe. I actually spent an hour trying to convince him that the sky was blue, but he's so stubborn that he kept insisting it were turquoise!
15.The word __________________________ means uncontrolled, lacking in restraint.
17.The word _________________________ means not genuine, not true, not valid.
19.I hope my teacher does not have to ______________________________ us because of our bad behavior while we are reviewing for our vocabulary test. I really hate when she has to give us warnings!
20.At this point, my brother and I are at a ______________________ when it comes to deciding who is going to stay home and babysit our little sister Friday. We are at a complete standstill because I won't give in and neither will he!
23.The word ______________________________ means careful or cautious.
26.The word _________________________ means to spead or scatter freely OR wordy and unfocused.
29.The word _____________________ means to wipe out or to keep oneself from being noticed.
30.The word _____________________________ means to seize for military or official use.
31.Barbara was thankful that the firemen were able to __________________ her puppy from the fire. She couldn't image life without her pup!
32.When my boyfriend broke my heart, he left a ____________________ in my heart. Hopefully, one day this gap will close up.

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