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The Javelina

Jamie Collier

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1.What does it have on its face that makes it look like a pig?
3.What does it have on its head and for which it was named?
5.One of its common names.
7.The scent it leaves to mark its territory.
8.The common name of the animal you are studying.
11.The third state in which this animal can be found.
12.The kind of diet it eats.
15.What animal is it more closely related to than a domestic pig?
17.The genus name of our animal of interest.
19.The species name.
20.What is it not related to?
21.Another state where it can be found.
2.What general category of animal classification in falls into (hint: think feet)?
3.How many toes does it have on its hind feet?
4.What it marks with its odor.
6.A name for the white ring at its shoulders
9.One of the 5 senses that it uses poorly.
10.One of the states where you can find it.
13.What do you call it when it wanders?
14.A general term for the area it lives in.
16.One of its favorite foods.
18.What are the young sometimes called (hint: think of the color).

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