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Purrfect Puzzle

Laura Dragon

Feline Centric puzzle

1 2 3 4
6           7          
    9     10   11    
12       13       14
    17           18
  19   20  
21             22 23       24        
  26     27        
28     29             30              
32             33              
35           36           37
      38           39                
    41     42      
46           47              

6.scattered rubbish
7.Kitty's garden grown treat
9.Patrick McDonnell's best friend for Earl the dog
11.Hannah & Barbera's partner for Jerry
12.to spring or swoop with intent to seize upon something
15.a quick bout of sleep
16.blood sucking parasites
17.long pointed teeth
21.something coughed up
23.a bad tempered woman
28.a cat with a striped and mottled coat
30.nuggets of dry food
31.a state of equilibrium
33.Alice's grinning feline
34.Antonio Banderas character in Shrek
35.clothing for sleeping
38.a tailess breed of feline
39.One of the largest breeds of domestic cat often with a tabby coat
40.Lasagna loving cartoon creation of Jim Davis
42.when the cats away, they will play
43.Dr. Evil's lap cat
44.musical composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber
45.facial hair
46.men's formal wear
47.the art of cleaning
1.1920's comic strip cat drawn by Otto Messmer
2.pleasant rumbling in the feline throat
3.wild or untamed
4.cotton fabric with an overall small floral print
5.a young cat
8.The First Cat of the Clintons
10.curved pointed appendage at the end of a toe or finger
12.Animal taken by a predator as food
13.the neck portion of a shirt
14.violin strings are made of this
19.runway for models
20.of or relating to the household
22.A popular line of girlie products created by Sanrio
23.vocal sign of aggression
24.fluffy flower bracts of willow and birch trees
25.Looney Tunes famous Lisping feline
26.Pertaining to the night
27.a fascinatingly attractive woman
29.Brand of Sapphire Gin distributed by Bacardi
32.Cojoined, identical twins also known as this
33.said to have killed the cat
36.someone who is cranky
37.feline created by Beatrix Potter
41.a group of cats

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