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The Face on the Milk carton

Caroline B. Cooney by Erica McKivergan

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1.What name did the Johnsons have before?
3.What did Hannah join as a young,confused teen?
10.True or False..When Mr and Mrs Johnson tell Janie ,Hannah was forced to have her in the cult
11.Why did Janie feel different from kids in her grade?
12.From the Milk carton were was Janie kidnapped?
13.Is Janie and only child in the Johnson family?
2.Were do Janies real family , the Spring family live?
4.Were was Janies picture on in lunch?
5.Who Kidnapped Janie at the age of three in a mall?
6.True or False.....Hannah kidnapped Janie at a mall when she was three becuase she was a confused teen
7.Who are two of the main characters?
8.True or False.... Mrs and Mr Johnsons Janies kidnappers.
9.Who is one of Janies closest friend?

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