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name and component function

1 2 3 4
5             6        
9                 10      
11 12       13       14  
15       16          
19           20        

5.the valve that opens if the element is clogged
6.volume of oil to be added between the dip stick low and high marks
7.a paper membrane that collects system particles
9.valve that prevents the filter fron emptying
10.oil change frequency in km
12.5w20 type oil
15.what turns the oil pressure indicator off
18.the large inner hole on the filter face
19.used to lubricate ball joints and chasiss parts
20.type of oil pump that is driven by the cam shaft
1.indicates oil pressure
2.the flowability of a fluid
3.the valve that prevents excessive system pressure
4.the passages that allow oil into the internal parts
8.rubber ring that prevents leaks
11.picks up oil out of the sump
13.the outer ring of holes on the filter face
14.mechanical level indicator
16.the container that holds the oil
17.type of oil pump on the crankshaft

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