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Genetic changes and cancer


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1.The first tumor-suppressor gene to be identified.
4.A process in which increased cell production in a normal tissue or organ.
6.mutation of codon causing incorrect aminoacid insertion.
9.defective gene responsible for uncontrolled cell growth
10.reaction to cellular damage or tissue invasion
13.It is a condition of gain/loss of chromosome
14.a substance that is capable of causing cancer in humans or animals.
15.a cancer treatment involves the use of NK's, MCAb's, cytokines, etc....
17.The genes that helps in controlled cell division
18.A tumor that has arisen from mesodermal connective tissue.
20.A small pseudochromosome produced by gene amplification.
21.it is an abnormal mass of tissue.
2.A medical test involuing the removal of cells or tissue for examination
3.only known bacterium to cause gastric lymphomas
5.A abnormal methylation & acetylation pattern studies in DNA
7.cancer cells doesnot enter to this phase in a cell cycle.
8.These cells lacks surface marker CD38 but has CD34
11.a tumor that is noninvasive
12.The alteration of one or a few nucleotides
16.widely used technique for screening chemical carcinogens
19.resultant of translocation between chromosome number 9 and 22

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