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#100.00 District Communications

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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2.Returning units should radio Lee’s Summit on their arrival in _____
3.Units returned to quarters _____ shall notify Lee’s Summit as soon as they are available for alarm response.
5.Upgrade of _____ should be requested by Command by alarm type for Special and Regular, 1st, 2nd alarms
6.The last unit to leave the scene shall terminate the incident unless the last unit is a transporting _____.
7.Emergency units responding shall announce their ____ and the fact they are enroute without calling Lee’s Summit first.
8.The _____ phone shall be answered with “Fort Osage Fire District Station-1, 3, or Administration”.
10.All units can be put available by _____ when units are leaving simultaneously.
12.Enroute, on scene, action taken, transporting, arrived hospital, available, unavailable, in quarters, incident stabilized, and fire out are all examples of announcing in the _____
13.___ unit may also announce their and others response to lessen air time, as “Company One Enroute”.
14.The communications _____ for the fire district shall be known as Lees Summit.
1.Any traffic with other _____ should be "Fort Osage".
4.Units _____ an emergency scene shall radio Lee’s Summit to announce that they are available or unavailable
9.Type of situation found, conditions present, and mode of operation are three basic categories of ____-__
10.When the Communications Center advises “Standby 9-1-1”, this indicates that personnel are dispatching an alarm or working with E-M-D instructions with a _____
11.The word _____ can be used to precede any radio designation within Lee’s Summit’s dispatch authority.

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