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#101.13 Automatic Alarms

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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1.101.01 auto alarm response residential. Response will be two engines with the first due district responding emergency and the _____ due district responding non-emergency unless upgraded otherwise in a hydrant area.
7.The responding unit(s) should not normally cancel a response to an Automatic Alarm unless a full investigation has been conducted by a member of the _____
8.If there is ____ damage that can be seen from the outside the crew may enter forcibly.
9.If the alarm is coming from Blue Mills Rest Home or a School the first unit will notify other responding units when they arrive what the situation of the scene is like by giving a _____ size-up.
12.All personnel responding will be in full protective _____
15.101.01 auto alarm response commercial. If the commercial alarm is in a non-hydrant area _____ will also be added.
2.101.01 auto alarm response commercial. Response will be two engines, a ladder, and a med unit with the first due district responding _____ and the second due district responding non-emergency unless the alarm is at a school or nursing home facility at which time all units will resspond emergency.
3._____, it will not be the responsibility of the Fire Department to reset the Fire Alarm System.
4.When the unit arrives on the scene, the Company Officer will give a size-up of the _____
5.When dispatched to an automatic alarm, have Lee's Summit contact the responsible party to advise them of the alarm _____
6.There should be an _____ warning if the sprinkler system is actually flowing water.
10.101.01 auto alarm response residential. In a non-hydrant area response will be two engines and two tankers and the second due _____ will respond an engine and a tanker non-emergency unless upgraded otherwise.
11.____ will be worn but do not have to be used unless required by the Incident Commander.
12.They will either take or pass command if a ____ is responding
13.Upon conducting investigation of the building, if the doors are locked and there is no fire damage that can be seen from the ____, wait unitl the responsible party arrives.
14.Once the crew has made it _____, they should locate the control panel, to see if it indicates where the troubled alarm is at.

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