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#106.00 Facility Tours

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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1.Distribute the ____ outs at end of the tour, or let their teacher hand them out later. (All adults will receive a copy of the current year end report or District newsletter).
3.Welcome visitors and have them assemble in the _____
4.May have to divide _____ into groups to attain manageable size
6.Advise the visitors that if an _____ response occurs during the tour, that they will have to assemble back to the dayroom in an orderly fashion and exit through the front or back door
8.With some ____, bunk room tours shall not be appropriate
2.All Fire Department personnel present in the Station will be in French Blue uniform attire with the exception of the individual that will be donning protective clothing for ____
5.____ the guests in a courteous fashion
7.Have the Station ready in a safe condition prior to the ____

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