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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Outset Island


This is the quiz of Outset Island. A lot of things from Outset Island are here. Stay tuned for the Forest of Fairies!

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        49 50   51       52    
    55     56           57

5.Zill's older brother
6.Sue-Belle holds one of these
7.This fish gives Link pieces of his Sea Chart
11.This costs 20 Rupees
13.This person owns a Shop Ship
15.Use this to take pictures
17.This costs 5 Rupees
18.The fish that gives Link a pearl
19.This boy always has snot hanging from his nose
21.This is a stone you can throw
23.This is a hammer Link uses
25.The main character
26.Orca's old brainiac brother
27.This purple thing is used by Link to protect himself, but it uses magic
28.This huge animal is usually black
30.Use this to take colored pictures
33.This small animal can come in pink, spotted, and black
36.A green enemy that drops Green Chu Jelly
38.The money in this game
41.This costs 50 Rupees
42.Aryll named this lookout tower after herself
43.Use these to lift a Big Pig
46.This costs 1 Rupee
47.Lift these with Power bracelets, and one blocks the Savage Labyrinth
50.This is Link's weapon
53.This is Link's upgraded standard weapon
54."The Pot Lady"
55.Zill's father
56.The Rito postman
58.This is a container Link uses to catch fairies
1.This guy owns a huge lawn
2.This is used to protect Link
3.The leader of the pirates
4.Zill's mother
8.An enemy with a little spear that could steal from Link
9.This pirate tests Link's skills on the Pirate Ship
10.A red enemy that drops Red Chu Jelly
12.Use this to fly
14.This man pirate wears green with a red hat
16.This weapon is used to shoot far off enemies
20.Get four of these to get one more heart
22.A purple creature that lives on the beach
24.Link's boat
26.This costs 200 Rupees
29.This is a bird that captures Aryll
31.This costs 100 Rupees
32.Link's elderly grandmother
34.This is a bushy plant, get it?
35.This is used to protect Link and reflect light
37.This costs 10 Rupees
39.Put these on and you'll go slower, but fight wind
40.Use this to explode stuff
41.Put letters in this
44.You can control this creature using a Hyoi Pear
45.You can cut this for Rupees, magic, arrows, bombs, and more
48.Use this to hook onto targets
49.This is Orca's weapon
51.This person tests Link's sword skills
52.Link's seagull-loving sister
57.You can cut these near Orca's house and get a Yellow Rupee

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