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Neapolitan Mastiff

Peggy Wolfe

The Neapolitan Mastiff

1 2 3
    5 6 7  
10               11    
  13   14               15
17               18        
19       20   21        
    23         24     25      

4.Movement not to be penalized
8.Correct angulation
10.Correct planes of the head
12.Type of stare when alert
13.Characteristic movement
16.Severe fault of the tail
17.Highest point of the shoulder
18.Lower eyelids droop to reveal this
20.Ears may or may not be this
22.Country of Origin
23.In the ring he is majestic but not ....
24.Expression is this at rest
26.Lips blend into an ample ...
27.Slight ..... of front feet is characteristic
1.His attitude is calm yet...
2.Essence is his ..... appearance
3.Most common coat color
5.Term referring to the angle of the back
6.Correct proportion of body length to height
7.Must appear ...
9.Removed in rear, not in front
11.Allowed bite if slight
14.Least common coat color
15.Scissors or ... bite is correct
17.Appears on head
19.Bred for use
21.Head feature that is barely apparent
25.Color of the reverse-brindle

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