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CS Week 2011

1 2 3 4
  5 6                          
    7   8                                
9                       10                        
  11   12                     13      
        15         16                 17                    
20   21                                
          23 24      
27                       28                             29
  33 34     35    
  36   37   38                              
39         40                          
            41   42                        
44               45                        
        46       47                        
                49 50                    
                51   52
  53 54         55 56     57                      
59                                   60                        
    62                         63                
65                     66                  

6.I would trade my husband for Billy Idol
8.I have eaten cactus, rattlesnake, octopus (in non-sushi form) and alligator....and yes, I liked them all.
9.Studying Rieki
10.I love reading mystery and suspense books.
12.I collect Android figurines
15.I like Disney
17.I was the school mascot for my kids elementary school a few years ago. The Carnation Elementary Tiger. :)
18.I am an experienced kayaker.
19.I was in a rock band.
21.I used to twirl baton
22.I grew up in Anchorage AK
25.I have never been skiing or snowboarding.
27.I have 11 eye patches
28.I have a brother that plays semi-pro football
30.Music Fan
31.My whole family had done long hual truck driving, but me.
38.I collect Mr. Potato Heads
39.I am a Steampunk
42.One of my favorite things is to tailgate Alabama games
43.I can rap
45.I sell my watch creations on the weekend.
47.I love Little House on the Prairie
48.I am getting married Nov 4th this year
50.One of my kids was born in a car.
57.My wedding theme was "The Princess Bride", complete with guests in costumes, and I got married on the day before Halloween.
58.I have been to Japan to work training the mammography department a new radiology software at Yakota Air Force Base
59.I can whistle really loud
60.Was 'located' by a State Police dog while fishing at a posted reservoir. (I had a current fishing license...??)
61.I have seen over 56 different musical artists at 42 different concerts that I can recall.
62.I've been in 14 car accidents, none of which were my fault.
63.Enjoy playing co-ed softball.
64.I am a die hard Cowboys fan, and I dont live in TX
65.I love the color RED
66.I am the oldest at my location
67.I like Swimming
1.I enjoy bluegrass music
2.I taught English in South Korea for two years.
3.I supported the very first PL Rating client Foy Insurance Group
4.Some little people in my life call me Meme :)
5.I am a runner
6.My baby girls just turned 1!
7.I am a wood worker
11.I am left handed.
13.I love to play dominoes
14.I am an experienced kayaker.
16.I love Oklahoma football
20.I like to bowl
23.I like to bowl
24.I love to play Angry Birds
26.I play the drums.
29.I was known as GASman growing up because of my initals
32.I am 5 11 and 3/4 not 6 foot
33.Vickie Balch and I have been friends for (cough, cough) almost 30 years.
34.I live with four Mastiffs
35.I once walked into a pole while talking to someone
36.I was born in Williamsport, PA. The HOME of Little League Baseball World Series
37.I enjoy watching plants & fish grow
40.I quilt
41.I am a musican...guitar
44.I was born in Ada. Oklahoma
46.I worked at Walt Disney World
49.I excel at Farkle
51.My favorite team is the Montreal Canadiens NOT the Boston Bruins
52.Karaoke King
53.I was born on July 4th
54.I'm a church organist.
55.I coached Little League Baseball for 20 years now.
56.I love boxing

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