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Chapter 4 Crossword

Jenny Sanche and Rebecca Fox

1 2
3   4  
5               6                
9       10                               11    
14                                 15    
19                       20
  22           23    

5.In ________ threatres must show french feature films for 20 weeks per year.
6.Canada is a ________ country because of our 2 main languages english and French
8.A wireless communications developer. (2 words)
9.Prime Minister Piere Trudeau created the _____ ________ ___ in 1969. (3 words)
14.Laws passed by a government to prevent a group's______ ______ from being overwhelmed by the media of a more dominant culture
16.Soviet dictator ______ _______ exlied about 200 000 Tartars to Central Asia, weaking their language. (2 words)
18.The Cremean _____ language is considered seriously endangered by UNESCO.
19.More than 90 percent of the content on the ______ is now in only 21 languages.
21.When you affirm your ______ you strenghthen your sense of self, through your personal expressions.
22.Most commonly spoken language in the world
24._________, which includes 191 member states, is one of the largest international organizations that promote cultural diversity
25.Today's Canada contains the world. Rich in its demographic and cultural diversity, Canada is a model of openess and harmony in the concert of nations." - June 27 governor general 2006 _______ ______. ( 2 words)
1.In 1982 the Charter of ______ ___ __________ helped strengthen minority english and French language rights.
2.Variety in cultures and identities. (2 words)
3.Cultural ____________ is one way for a nation or a group to keep their cultural identity from being absorbed by globalization.
4.In sept. 1999 __________ hosted the 8th Francophonie summit in Moncton, NB
7.The ______ ________ act of 1988 requires filmmakers to create and produce their films in Quebec
10.Canada has passed ______ _______ laws to protect Canadian artists, performers, songs, movies, and literature. (2 words)
11.30 percent of music played by Canadaian radio stations and 60 % of programing on Canadian TV stations must be _______.
12.in 1992 the _________ language died with Tevfik Esenc
13.In 1971 Canada became the first country in the world to adopt _____________ as a government policy
15.A process that happens when one culture is absorbed by another.
17.The goal of the _____ is to protect and preserve Canada's cultural identity by ensuring that Canadians hear voices and hear Canadian stories.
20.the _______ education society of Edmonton, an education group of Ukrainian descent
23.In 1880 no children in the world spoke this as a first language.

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