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Civics Review

M. Bedard

Let's review the terms we have learned, you may work with a partner and use notes or your text book to complete this worksheet.

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4.how the president should be addressed
9.written change to the Constitution
11.the author of the Constitution
13.formal disapproval of a member's actions
14.the law making branch of the federal government
17.ensures that no branch of the federal government becomes too powerful
19.having to testify against yourself
22.means member must give up his or her seat in Congress
24.also known as the "elastic clause"
25.banned by the 24th Amendment
26.Amendment that outlawed slavery in all states and lands governed by the US
27.this freedom allows us to criticize our government or government officials
2.Amendment granted full citizenship to African Americans, and guarantees every citizen equal protection under the law
3.means two houses
5.established by Article II of the Constitution
6.legal protection
7.intreprets the meaning of the laws passed by Congress
8.principle that says it is up to the courts to review the acts of the other branches and decide whether the government has acted correctly
10.provided by the 7th Amendment
12.latin term meaning "for the time being"
15.the first freedom mentioned in the 1st Amendment
16.this freedom gives you the right to ask the government to address your concerns
18.first 10 amendments to the US Constitution
20.advisors to the president
21.to betray or endanger one's country
23.to accuse an officeholder of misconduct

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