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2.the process of adapting to a new or different culture
3.The defense mechanism that shifts negative impulses toward a more acceptable object or person
5.In psychoanalyic theory, a defense mechanism by which an individual retreats to an earlier stage of development when faced with anxiety
8.One's view of one's self as an individual
9.A person who tends to be more intrested in his or her own thoughts and feelings than what is going on around him or her
10.According to Addler, feelings of inadequac and insecurity that serve as a central sorce of motivation
16.In psychoanalytic theory, the personality component that is conscious and that controls behavior
18.A defense mechanism in which the individual refuses to admit that a problem exists.
20.Agreement; in psychology, consistency between one's self-concept and one's experience
22.An aspect of personality that is considered to be reasonably consistent
23.The guidance of people, especially children, into socially desirable behavior by means of verbal messages, the systematic use of rewards and punishments, and other teaching methods.
24.According to Freud, the part of personality that represents the individuals internalized ideals and provides standards for judgement
1.Jung's concept of a shared inherited body of memory that all humans have
4.According to Cattell, a characteristic and observable way of behaving
6.Psychological distortions used to remain psychologically stable or in balance
7.in psychoanalytic theory, a defense mechanism by which the ego unconciously switches unacceptable impulses into their opposites
11.In psychoanalytic theory, the reservoir of unconscious psychic energy that strives to satisfy basic sexual and aggressive drive
12.In pychoanalytic theory, the defense mechanism by which people attribute their own unacceptable impulses to others
13.In psychoanalytic theory, the defense mechanism that removes anxiety-arousing thoughts, feelings, and memories, from one's consciousness
14.According to Cattell, an underlying trait from which surface traits are derived
15.in psychoanalytic theory, the defense mechanism by which people channel their socially unacceptable impulses into more acceptable activities
17.an original model from which later forms develop; in Jung's personality theory, an archetype is a primitive image or concept that resides in the collective unconscious
19.The pattern of feelings, thoughts, and behavior
21.A person who tends to be active and self-expressive and to gain energy from interaction with others

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