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Unit II Group Assignment

Allison Clare Andrews

Puzzle Version to be reviewed by group

1 2
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    20             21

6.A new melody, chord change, and lyrics
8.Many TPA songs are still used by _________ jazz musicians
11.Group of immigrants that played a central role in the music industry in the early 1900s
12.The individual who bore responsibility for creating a musical environment that would match a given singer's vocal strength
13.Important to creating popular songs, was creating a balance between predictability and ______
14._______-Refrain was the most commonly used form in Tin Pan Alley songs.
16.Many arts, including TPA songs, served as this during the Great Depression
17.Music pattern that is repeated to create rhythmic momentum
19.Name of first musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein
20.Songwriter that did the most to bridge art music and popular music: son of immigrant leather worker
22.Typical refrain structure
23.Song that possesses a continuing appeal that surpasses nostalgia
24.First used by Al Jolson, now popular in large pop, rock and country concerts.
25.One of the music styles influenced by TPA songs and performances
1.Common vantage point for the lyrics in TPA songs
2.Last name of one who billed himself as The Worlds Greatest Entertainer
3.Last word in title of song made popular by Gene Austin's recording of it.
4.Popular songs endure most commonly as_____
5.A singing style that reinforced links between popular music and personal experience; electronic microphone had an impact
7.In the 1920s-1930s popular song was influenced by______ and jazz.
9.The TPA songs reflected what social class?
10.Close proximity of the TPA music publishers and stages of _______ benefited the entertainment industry
14.Part of TPA song that tells a story, became less important over time and eventually often dropped
15.Last name of most productive TPA songwriter who lived to be over 100
16.Romantic Love is a them inherited by what group of people?
18.First Broadway musical to move toward tying a plot and characters with the music.
21."April Showers" is a sentimental ballad with images of _______.

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