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Vocabulary for new & advanced student artists

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4.any three dimensional object; has height, width, and depth
7.method/material used to color the porous surface of clay body with "liquid glass"
8.the process in which the clay is heated
11.functional & decorative works of art made from clay by a skilled artisan
12.container made to hold something
13.flat, evenly rolled piece of clay formed with a rolling pin on a textured surface
1.natural minerals found in the earth that can molded when wet, dried, and baked to make bricks or other ceramic objects
2.clay with a reddish brown color
3.to roughen or scratch the surfaces of clay pieces that will be joined together
5.final stage of process after clay has been designed, glazed, and fired
6.to remove air bubbles & blend clay together for a consistent texture
9.equipment used to heat clay to temperatures exceeding 1700 degrees
10.tube-like piece of clay made from rolling clay under palm of hand
13.compound made from clay & water that is used to join multiple clay pieces together

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