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Basketball Rule 4


Basketball definitions

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2.a member of bench personnel who is in uniform and is eligible to beocme a player
4.driving, forcing, pushing or attempting to force a ball through the basket with the hand(s)
9.occurs when a player touches the net while the ball is on or within a basket
12.movement of the ball caused by a player who throws, bats or rolls the ball to another player
16.a player who is barred from further particitaion in the game
17.illegal personal contact caused by pushing or moving into an opponent's torso
21.begins simultaneously with the start of the try or tap and ends when the ball is in flight
23.a line used in baseball, but not in basketball
25.a procedure used to prevent dely in putting the ball in play following a time-out or intermission
29.a distance measured from the forward foot of the defender to the forward foot of the ball handler
31.a player who has released the ball on a try
33.a player foul which involves illegal contact with an opponent while the ball is live
35.occurs when opponents have their hands firmly on the ball
37.a method of resuming play due to an official's inadvertent whistle
38.illegal personal contact with an opponent which interferes with his/her freedom of movement
39.this occurs when a player is in control
40.one of two court limiting lines
42.consists of that part of the court between the end line and the nearer edge of the division line
46.interfering with a try while the ball is on its downward flight and above the ring
47.all of the court that is not included in the frontcourt
49.an action assessed by an official to a player or team for a rules infraction
50.an infraction of the rules which is charged and penalized
52.the extension of play necessary to break a tie score
53.a technical charged to the head coach for the actions of someone under his authority
54.a device located at the scorer's table used for the AP procedure
56.includes, but is not limited to, combative acts
57.a noncontact technical foul
58.illegal personal contact which impedes the progress of an opponent
59.may be personal or technical of a violent or savage nature
60.a common foul commited by a member of the team that has team control
1.a situation when two or more teammates commit personal fouls against the same opponent at approximately the same time
3.the method of putting the ball in play by a throw-in
5.the act of legally placing the body in the path of an offensive opponent
6.three feet wide with no depth limitation
7.intentionally striking the ball with any part of the leg or foot
8.becomes a player when he/she enters the court
10.either a personal or technical foul in which two opponents commit fouls against each other at approximately the same time
11.a succession of free throws attempted by the same team
13.fouls committed by each team, but are not committed by opponents against each other
14.guarding an opponent when the guard is withing six feet
15.a player who attempts to make a throw-in
18.ball movement caused by a player in control who bats or pushes the ball to the floor
19.a common foul committed by a player while he/she is in control of the ball
20.this occurs when a player is holding or dribbling a live ball
22.contact which is permitted and which does not constitute a foul
24.one which is granted to either team before the clock has started following the previous time-out
26.one of a group of regulations which governs the game
27.a technical charged directly to the head coach because of his/her actions
28.the accidental loss of player control
30.takes place when a player who is holding the ball steps once, or more than once, in any direction with the same foot
32.all individuals associated with a team that are not players
34.a line that defines out-of-bounds on the long edge of the court
36.second free throw awarded for a common foul
41.one of five team members who are legally on the court at any given time (exc. intermission)
43.an attempt by any player to secure possession of the ball following a try or tap for goal
44.a legal action by a player who, without causing contact, delays or prevents an opponent from reaching a desired position
45.this occurs when the ball gets away from the dribbler
48.foul by a nonplayer
51.a method of putting the ball in play to start the game and each overtime period
55.a personal foul which is neither flagrant nor intentional nor committed against a shooter, nor part of a double, simultaneous, or multiple foul

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