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1.One side of the molecule is (+) and the other side is( - ) Ex: water
3.Compounds containing carbon and hydrogen
6.This is used to put people to sleep during surgery
9.This prefix means it is shaped like a chair
10.The general formula for this compound is R-O-R'
11.Refers to the structure being a chain of carbons
13.This is the chemical we used to make the gel in lab.
14.An Alkane with eight carbons
15.Compounds with double or triple bonds that are not filled with hydrogens
17.The simplest Alkene
20.The IUPAC name for the alcohol found in wine and beer
21.An Alkane with four carbons
23.This organic compound contains a hydroxyl group ( - OH)
24.The common name for the chemical Ethyne
26.This prefix means six
28.In this type of bond elements share electrons
29.Chemicals with the same chemical formula but a different structure
30.Compounds containing only Cs and Hs with a double bond
2.An Alkane with eight carbons
4.This compound is called Rubbing Alcohol
5.Compounds containing only Cs and Hs with a triple bond
7.The common chemical name of antifreeze
8.Compounds with all single bonds that are filled with hydrogens
12.Compounds containing only Cs and Hs with all single bonds
16.The simplest Alkane
18.This molecule is symetrical so electrons are evenly distributed
19.A one carbon alcohol
22.This smelly molecule is a ring and has double bonds that move around.
25.This suffix tells you the compound has a triple bond
27.This prefix means it is shaped like a boat

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