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Latin 1 - 3

Remedial Reading

1 2
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3.Word: too small to be seen with your eyes
5.Root: around
6.Word: to breathe in ... to be influenced by something
8.Word: to lead around
11.Root: star
12.Word: A recording of temperatures taken
14.Word: to "throw" together: state an opinion without having proof
16.Root: water
17.Word: to study the form of anything
20.Root: to love
21.Word: something that has the ability to operate by itself
23.Root: to breathe
24.Root: to throw
25.Root: earth
1.Word: to build together
2.Root: book
4.Word: to lead below
7.Word: related to water
8.Word: to lead together
9.Prefix: before
10.Root: shape or form
13.Word: the color of sea water
15.Root: below
17.Word: of or connected to the sea
18.Root: sound
19.Root: to lead
22.Root: sea

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