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Holes Chapters 1-11

Mr. Woods

Qs on the first 11 chapters of the novel 'Holes'.

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  10 11                  

1.The nickname of the boy called 'Alan'.
2.Armpit's real name.
5.The nickname of the boy whose cot Stanley was given.
7.The first name of the boy who used to bully Stanley at his old school.
9.The only person allowed to lie in the hammock is the __________.
10.The person who the stolen sneakers belonged to: Clyde __________.
12.The full name of the girl who Elya Yelnats fell in love with aged 15.
13.The full name of the woman who Elya fell in love with upon arrival in America.
14.The nickname Stanley discovered, to his surprise, that he had been given.
1.Besides yellow-spotted lizards and rattlesnakes these could also cause severe injury.
3.The length of Stanley's sentence in months.
4.The name of the outlaw who robbed Stanley's great-grandfather: Kissin Kate ______.
5.If you attempt to run away from Camp Green Lake you will be food for this particulat type of bird.
6.The name of the camp's counsellor Mr. __________.
8.In which US state is Camp Green Lake situated?
11.The full name of Elya's competitor in the pursuit of the love of a certain girl.

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