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Personal Computer Basics

Gabby Evans <3

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3.fits on a desk and runs on power from an electrical wall outlet
4.designates input, output, and storage equipment that might be added to a computer system to enhance its functionality
7.a portable computing device featuring a touch-sensitive screen that can be used as a writing or drawing pad
8.a small lightweight portable computer that opens like a clamshell to reveal a screen and keyboard
9.used for any computers that include components for integrating computers, televisions, home theaters, and audio systems
10.based on a proprietary design for a personal computer call the Macintosh, manufactured almost exclusively by Apple Inc.
11.the case that holds the computer’s main circuit boards, microprocessor, memory, power supply and storage devices
12.based on the design for one of the first personal computer superstars
13.a small form factor tablet computer designed to run most of the software available for larger portable computers
1.offers a hardware platform with adequate, but not super-charged support for most computer applications, including Web browsing, e-mail, working with photos, downloading music, and working with general productivity applications
2.the sixe and dimensions of a component, such as a system board or system unit
5.a small, lightweight personal computer with screen, keyboard, storage and processing components integrated into a single unit that runs on power supplied by an electrical outlet or a battery
6.essentially a standard PC with the Linux operating system installed

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