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Chapter 2: Chemistry

1 2 3 4 5  
6         7                 8    
  10                     11                  
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    19                       20  
24     25                 26        
  29   30               31           32
  33 34                
    36           37    
38           39      

4.This ion is necessary for conduction of electrical impulses
6.A long chain of simple sugars
9.Salts are ______________ compounds
10.What does DNA stand for?
12.The macromolecule that includes DNA and RNA
17.Release OH- ions when dissociated in water
19.Sucrose is this type of sugar
21.The base which RNA has that DNA does not have
24._______________ conduct electrical impulses in the nervous system
27.___________ proteins are stable and insoluble in water
28.Glucose is this type of sugar
29.The most abundant protein in the body
31.Component of a solution that is present in greatest amount
34.Atoms with the same number of protons but different number of neutrons
35.What type of sugar is part of RNA?
36.This type of protein plays a crucial role in immunity, growth and development
38.charged atoms resulting from the gain or loss of electrons
39.A heavy metal found in the body
1.Smallest component of a compound that retains its properties
2.What does ATP stand for?
3.Has a pH range of 7.35-7.45
5.Have a pH range of 0-6.99
7.Equal to the number of protons in an atom
8.The structure of a protein that is composed of a-helices and B-pleated sheets
11.The macromolecule that is makes up sugars and starches
13.Ions that are positive because they have lost one or more electrons
14.The building blocks of proteins
15.Carbohydrates are stored in the liver as this:
16.The type of lipid found in the cell membrane
18.The buffering system works in the ____________ and lungs
20.Neutral subatomic particle
22.The macromolecule that plays many roles in the body including functioning as enzymes
23.Many plasma proteins act as these:
25.All organic compounds must contain this element
26.The property of water that protects our internal organs from damage
30.The macromolecule that is makes up fat
32.The base which DNA has that RNA does not have
33.Enzymes work to ______________ the activation energy required to start a reaction
37.Source of immediately usable energy for the body processes

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