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The Celts

Carina Tighe

Crossword about the Celts for 12 year olds

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1.Where did the Celts come from?
5.Reason why celtic way of life died out in many countries in Europe
6.long dresses, tied with belt
8.Underground passage in ringfort leading to forest
9.gold collar worn around the neck
11.Artificial island using built in a lake
13.Famous manuscript written by Celts
15.Metal used before iron
16.Form of writing used by Celts
17.Chieftain lived here to protect themselves from attack, view of countryside
19.Festival at beginning of Celtic year when souls of dead returned
20.What did they make ale from?
21.Smaller than hill fort containing houses and farm buildings
24.Táin Bó Cuailnge is about a fight over what?
25.Festival at lambing time and beginning of Spring
1.Ringfort made from stone
2.People who travel from place to place for food
3.Place people came to in times of attack, coastal area
4.How tdid the Celts get their food?
7.What made the Celts powerful?
10.Big family group?
12.Wise men who advised the chief, acting as judges, magicians, healers, bards
13.Occasion for thanking the gods for getting the Celts safely through winter (beginning of Summer) )
14.Occasion to celebrate the harvest at beginning of Autumn
18.type of coat worn by women, fastened with brooch
22.Game similar to chess
23.Ringfort made from earth or soil

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