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First Amendment Review

Robin Sawyer

LegalSpeak terms come from Poynter's NewsU lesson on the First Amendment.

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3.Malicious defamation of a person made public by any printing, writing, sign, picture reproduction or effigy intending to provoke him or her to wrath or expose him or her to public hatred, contempt or ridicule
4.Laws that require certain government agencies to open their meetings to the public
7.The legal idea that school authorities act “in place of the parent” and assume a parent’s rights, duties and responsibilities. This concept was arguably struck down in the Tinker case
8.Federal and state laws that allow all citizens access to a vast array of information
9.the idea that once a forum (or place where ideas are exchanged) is created, the ideas expressed there cannot later be controlled
11.This violation of the First Amendment occurs when the government attempts to censor expression before its publication
13.Governmental agency charged with regulating broadcasting -- radio and over-the-air television -- in the United States
15.A state of mind in which a person or publication makes an untrue and defamatory statement about a person “with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.”
16.A damaging false statement against another person or institution that is spoken
1.The restriction or suppression of material by an authority
2.Unlawful prying by the government and the media into the lives of private citizens
5.A system of moral principles often defined by professional standards
6.When a government authority reviews content prior to distribution, but makes no attempt to restrict distribution or alter content
9.Passing off someone else’s writings as original work
10.Creating a person, a situation, a dialogue, statistics or any information and passing it as real
12.The codification in state law of the reporter’s privilege not to be forced to identify his confidential sources or not to testify as a source himself
14.Software designed to block visual depictions that are obscene, such as child pornography, or anything else harmful to minors on the Internet

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