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Learning about Earth and our environment

Ksenija Cvetkova

I would like for people to think about the terms as they solve the puzzle. Some of these simple terms might be unfamiliar, try to define the words,understand their true meaning and question your own worldview. Not so easy right?

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1.Experiencing thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. An optical illussion of our own consciousness, a delusion that is our prison which restricts us to ourselves, our desires, not allowing to share the affection and connection with the few that are nearest to us. (3 Words)
5.____________ creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that fullfills the requirements of present and future generations.
6.the idea that was derived from Aldo Leopold's "Sand County Almanac" (2 Words)
9.protection and management of biodiversity
11.Coserving nature because it's necessary for stability of the ecosystems and iis absolutely necessary and beneficial for the Seventh Generation. (2 Words)
13.excessive consumption
15.understanding the basic language spoken to us by Earth (2 Words)
17.They are harmful to the ozone layer in the earth's atmosphere because of the release of chlorine atoms when exposed to ultraviolet radiation
18.Duties and obligations to Earth, as if a shephard or a farmer.
19.stem of your believes that is influenced by many factors such as family, culture, friends, history and etc.
20.It is naturally found in Earth's stratosphere, where it absorbs the ultraviolet radiation. It is also found near the Earth's surface, where pollutants emitted from society’s activities react with the sunlight.
21.to keep or maintain intact
22.Reduce, reuse, _________
2.Many affluent, highly developed nations, including the U.S., suffer from____ (2 Words)
3.Divine Chocolate Company is under a new president who decides that the farmers that grow the chocolate are not fairly treated thus he is willing to invest more money into chocolate business that the farmers on "the other end" made better chocolate that is organic and of high quality. Thus helping the farmer's financial position which in return betters the conditions of the workers. Such system is known as______ _______. (2 Words)
4.The future has always been imagined as highly developed and technological. There is no place for environment or other organisms because technology is doing such a wonderful work replacing it. Such ideology is known as____________. (2 Words)
7.how much nature does your life style demand? (2 Words)
8.Colombian flower trade/industry and most of the trade transactions throughout the world. (2 Words)
10.what is the term for the school of thought that values the environment, the rights of nonhuman objects and systems? (2 Words)
14.Mike finds himself in Central Park wondering around on a beautiful, sunny day. Suddenly unexpected feeling of love towards the surroundings fill him and he feels like he is in a right place, this feeling can be defined as _____________.
16."Nature and I are two"

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