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Tom Sawyer

David Pence

Chapters 5-8

1 2
  3         4      
6                         7    
      9 10
  12 13 14      
15 16         17            

3.Tom and Huck found a pair of these along with the treasure
6.The place where Tom and Huck hide the money in chapter 8
8.The stranger that Tom saw wore this kind of hat
11.The time the murder took place
17.The people who Tom said hid the treasure in the most popular places
18.The place where Tom and Huck found the treasure chest in chapter 8
19.Tom and Huck believieng in curses that involves devils and withches is an example of this
21.One of the strangers that Tom saw wore this kind of wrap
22.What Tom left to mark his way in the cave for future reference
23.One of the strangers that Tom and Huck saw with the real murder was a what
25.What Tom tied to a rock to help him find his way out of the passages
26.What chased the children in the caves
1.What Tom was regarded as when he told the truth at the trial
2.The name of the cave in Chapter 7 of Tom Sawyer
4.The name of Tom's Brother
5.The person's house where Tom and Huck were taken once they were found
7.The place where Tom told Huck that treasure could be found the most
9.The last name of the person accused of murder
10.It was this season during Chapter 6 of Tom Sawyer
12.The place where the murder took place in Tom Sawyer
13.The author of Tom Sawyer
14.The river that Tom saw when he came out of the cave
15.One of the things that Tom and Huck brought the character who was in jail
16.The name of the person who actually committed the murder
20.The name of the female character that Tom had a crush on
24.This rang out letting the village know the children where found

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