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Vocab Volcano Wk 1

Rachel Balkema

Use the definitions to help you figure out this crossword puzzle.

1 2
4     5       6
11         12    
15   16         17

3.To cause food or drink to go through the mouth, throat, and into the stomach.
4.Something that goes around a widow, opening, or a picture
7.To have the same weight on both sides
9.The players in a sports game who try to score a point.
10.To move back and forth being hung from something above
11.Small circles on the body of an animal like fish and reptiles.
14.A sparkling or glistening light
15.To move unsteadily from side to side
18.A hole or tunnel dug in the ground by a small animal
19.To have no more than you need
1.A shape or a color that repeats itself
2.A posted notice that shows direction, or command
5.Speak very quietly and not at all clearly so it’s difficult to understand
6.Someone who stops a player from the other team from scoring a point
7.A piece of fabric that is used to keep warm
8.To not be able to move
12.To suddenly blow air out of our mouth and nose.
13.A person who watches a game who makes sure everyone follows the rules and does not cheat
16.The mouth of the bird. It is sharp and hard
17.A sudden loud noise, as of something being violently smashed or struck

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