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Health and Safety

1 2 3
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4.caused by uranium. R
5.designed specifically for a certain use. E
7.Cause falls. T,H (2 Words)
9.need to be carried out before trips outside workplace. R,A (2 Words)
12.can be very dangerous if broken or exploding. needes to be maintained. M
16.like petrol. F
17.needed with new employees. S
21.caused by failure to be careful. D
22.needed to prevent danger of electricution. E,C (2 Words)
26.not to been taken near computer or other electronics. W
27.needed to prevent death in case of a fire. E, P (2 Words)
28.may fall on employees, causing injuries. wooden. S,C (2 Words)
29.think fan. V
30.important to remove trip hazards. P
31.can short out entire buildings. O,S (2 Words)
1.important so that staf are able to do thier jobs without risk. T
2.e.g. a virus. B
3.need to be taken regularly. B
6.needed on machinery. M
8.Supervisory staff need have this. R
10.boom. E
11.such a a lab. F
13.regulations to be followed to prevent injuries. H,S (3 Words)
14.need a medkit? F,A (2 Words)
15.needs to be worn in areas of radiation, etc. P, C (2 Words)
18.important to prevent RSI etc. P
19.need to be secured, as when trailing in corridors, they can be a trip hazard. E,C (2 Words)
20.need to be taken in case of unexpected danger. P
23.to radiation. E
24.important to prevent blindness etc. in later life. E,T (2 Words)
25.rules to be followed. R

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