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Lord of the Flies

Mr. Woods

Questions based on the first four chapters of the novel (a mixture of both vocabulary and incidents).

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1.Ralph insists that snake-things only exist in places like Africa or _______.
4.The type of coat that Piggy was wearing at the start of the novel.
5.Jack's surname.
9.A soft murmur, a whisper.
11.The cause of Ralph and Jack's argument at the start of Chapter 3.
14.The word used to describe the wedge between two rocks where Piggy sat.
15.What Ralph said to try to make up to Piggy, 'Better Piggy than _______'.
2.Not believing (what is said).
3.As well as being 'head boy' Jack also described himself as 'chapter _______'.
6.The word used to describe the birthmark of the small boy who went missing in the fire.
7.The type of pink rock which forms many features of the island.
8.The boys struggled to light the fire without these.
10.To decorate with chains of ribbons, flowers etc.
12.What Jack decided his choir should be.
13.What the reef is made of.

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