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vampire index (twilight saga)

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    8   9   10

1.who is not married in the volturi coven because his wife was killed?
2.what is the name of bellas(only) half vampire daugther
3.aro,sulpicia,caius,athenodora,and marcus (2 Words)
6.who is the oldest in the volturi coven?
7.ability to read minds and is married to bella
11.who is jaspers wife?
12.that do these vampires have in comman with each other? bella, edward, carlise, esme, alice, jasper, roselie, and emmett. (2 Words)
13.she is the wife of carlise
1.what is aros special ability? (2 Words)
3.what coven does jane belong in? (2 Words)
4.was killed while getting revenge on edward for the death of james
5.what is emmetts favorite animal to eat? (2 Words)
8.who quit the voltori and made his own coven?
9.was killed because he wanted to (and did) drink form bella.
10.has the abillity to block the powers that has to do with your mind(when she was changed)

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