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Bowel and Bladder

Ruth Epner, RN, BSN, WOCN

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1.artifical opening on the abdomen through which urine drains
3.voiding during the night
8.circular muscle that closes an orifice
10.orange or yellow digestive fluid produced by the liver
11.intestinal waste material
13.ketones in the urine
14.excrete urine
15.surgical opening at the ileum to divert intestional contents after lower portions of the bowel have been surgically removed
17.protein in urine
19.artificial opening created in the large intestine and brought to the surface of the abdomenfor evacuating the bowels
22.glucose in the urine
23.painful urination
26.the action caused by muscle fibers in a tubular organ that propels contents through them in waves
28.abrasion of the skin
29.pus in the urine
30.discharged fecal matter
2.liquefied food and digestive juices
4.inflammation of the bladder
6.blood that has changed into a dark, tarry substance as it movesthrough the stomachor small intestine
7.stools with an abnormally high fat content
9.blood in the urine
12.area around a stoma
18.production of excessive amounts of urine
20.deminished amounts of urine formation
21.intestinal gas released from the anus
24.distal portion of the large intestine where feces are stored
25.expel feces
27.diversion of intestional contents from their normal path, resulting in an artificial opening into the intestine

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