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Infection Control and Prevention

Ruth Epner RN, BSN, WOCN

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1.a poison, a poisonous protein produced by certain bacteria
3.the engulfing of microorganisms and foreign particle by phagocytes
6.place pt in private room with negative air pressure or in a room with patient with same illness. wear a respirator when in the room with the patient
8.single cell microorganism lacking a nucleus, which reproduces about every 20 minutes
9.one-celled microscopic organisms belonging to the animal kingdom
10.a substance capable of either killing or supressing the multiplication and growth of microorganisms
13.need oxygen to live and grow
16.organism only visible with a microscope
19.carrier that transports an infective agent from one host to another, such as animals, insects, and rodents
22.do not touch with bare hands anything wet that comes froma body surface or cavity, use gloves, gown, mask, and eye wear as needed
24.the seperation of infected individuals from those uninfected for the period of communicabikity of a particular disease
25.wear mask when in patient room: transport patient out of room only as necessary and patient should wear mask when transported
27.biologic response modifiers that affect cellular growth
29.degree to which a microorganism can cause infection in the host or invade the host
30.destruction and /or containment of infectious agents after they leave the bodyof a patient with an infectious disease
32.an agent that destroys infection-producing organisms
33.free of microorganisms
34.the time from invasion of the body by the microorganisms to the onset of symptoms
35.tiny primitive organisms of the plant kingdom containing no chlorphyll that reproduces by means of spores; present in soil, air and water
36.a chemical compound used on skin or tissue to eliminate microorganisms
1.based on interrupting the mode of transmission by identifying the specific secretions, body fluids, tissues or excretions that might be infective
2.localized response caused by injury or distruction of tissue that serves to contain the injurious agent and injured tissue
4.protect both the patient and the nurse from infection and used for every patient
5.the process of rendering an article free of microorganisms and their pathogenic organisms
7.early or very beginning stage of an illness
11.microorganisms take up residence and grow
12.extremely small particles of protein, either DNA or RNA, with a coat of protein, and in some cases a membranous envelope, that can trigger an immune reactionor damage cellsin other ways
14.heat-stable toxinassociated with the outer membranes of certain gram-negative bacteria that is released whenthe cells are disrupted
15.an animal or plant that harbors and providessustenance for other organisms
17.a genus of small, rod shaped to round microorganisms found in tissues cells of lice, fleas, ticks and mites and transmitted to humans by their bites
18.increase in the number of leukocytes in the blood, resulting from infectiono or other causes
20.proteinaceous particles believed to be responsible for transmission neurodegenerative disease
21.an disease-producing organism
23.oval bodies formed within bacteriaas a resting stage during the life cycle of the cell; characterized by resistance to environmental changes (heat, humidity, or cold)
26.parasitic worms or flukes that belong to the animal kingdom
28.able to live and grow only when oxygen is absent
31.without pathogenic organisms

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