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Sociology in review

Natalie Roush

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2.Exaggerated generalizations about a group of people
4.Intergroup contact between people of equal status causing them to be less prejudiced
7.Belief that ones race is superior
9.Transfer of money, goods, and services that are not reported to the government
12.Foreigners who have already entered the U.S. and now seek protection from persecution
13.Groups such as the Amish, that reject both assimilation and coexistence
15.Maintenance of one's ethnic ties in a way that can assist with assimilation in larger society
18.Distinctive pattern of oppression
20.Barrier that blocks promotions of qualified workers because of gender or minority
22.Use of race-neutral principles to defend the racially unequal status quo
24.A minority and a majority group combining to form a new group
25.Immigrants who sustain multiple social relationships that link their societies of origin and settlement
26.Tendency to assume that one's culture is superior
27.People living outside their country of citizenship for fear of political or religious persecution
28.Blaming others by refusing to accept responsibility
29.Fear of all things foreign
30.Fear of all things associated with China
1.Actions that cause better qualified white men to be passed over for women and minority men
3.Ethnic slurs
5.Set apart because of obvious physical differences
6.Conscious experience of a negative discrepancy between legitimate expecations and present acualities
8.Diverse racial or ethnic groups form a new cultural entity
10.Solidarity between ethinc groups
11.Unreliable generalizations about all members of a group that do not take individual differences into account
14.Leaving a country to settle in another
16.Division of economy in two areas of employment, with the second being primarily populated by minority workers
17.Tendency to approach or withdraw from a racial group
19.Discrimination against people trying to buy homes in minority and racially changing neighborhoods
21.Set apart because of national origin
23.Barrier that keeps people from moving laterally

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