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One Life to Live

Andrew Frisiello

Fill in the names of as many OLTL characters as possible based off of the clues.

1   2  
10   11      
12         13  
    14 15         16
17 18 19 20           21  
22     23         24        
    25 26   27     28   29      
30               31          
34 35 36   37       38 39      
      40             41      
            42 43       44  
    46               47             48
50     51   52       53         54    
55         56      

1.Deceased father to Jessica's daughter Bree
3.Pushed Blair out of a window
6.Picks on Shane Morasco (Fans of show assume it's a gay crush)
8.Used to boost cars in Daton, Ohio
11.Drugged Bo Buchanan to trick him into thinking they had sex
12.Father of Sarah; Keeps rekindling love for Tina
15.In jail for switching paternity tests
20.Presumed to be healing in Kentucky hospital thanks to "Kim"
22.Father of Clint and Bo Buchanan
23.Police Commissioner who is married to Nora
24.Works as a journalist/reporter for Todd/Victor Jr.; moved away with Joey
26.Father is in jail for murder
28.Movie star with oversize ego. (Bad actor, too, in my opinion)
30.Thought to be Kim Andrews; until that name was recently revealed as an alias
31.The D.A. of Llanview
32.Professional Con Artist
38.Lying about being Liam's father when he knows otherwise
40.Alcoholic who lost his son Jared
42.Private Investigator; His fiance passed away on their wedding day
44.Son of Tina and Cord
45.Reporter with last name Morales; in everyone's business
46.When Bobby was forced to marry Tess, this girl left Bobby; BFF with Starr
47.Carrying Matthew's child
50.Had affair with Vicki's father and conceived Tina, Todd, and Victor Jr.
52.Scared to lose virginity to her boyfriend Nate
54.Fought with Todd over Blairs affection; Todd gave Jack to this man as a baby
55.Pushed to the brink of suicide due to bullying
56.1st presumed father of Danielle
1.Made a porno with Deanna
2.Only son of Marty and Victor Lord Jr; being raised by Blair Cramer
4.Son of John McBain and Natalie Bank
5.Resume: Lived in Paris, Painter, Musician, Lethal Assassin
7.Was once with Kelly Cramer; brother to Joey
9.Died of Carbon Monoxcide poisoning in a basement
10.Knocked up Starr at 16
13.Fell down a waterfall
14.Cheated on Christian Vega, so they broke off their engagement
15.Main Heroine of the show; been on for approximately 40 years
16.Planned on marrying the fake Aubrey Wentworth
17.Erased all music on Starr's iPod; secret son of Thomas and Yvotte
18.Faked a pregnancy to keep her husband in Jail; She could get rich from the scheme
19.Detective in Llanview; "REAL" father of Liam
20.Busted Todd out of jail recently; currently in love with James Ford
21.Mother of Jack & Starr Manning; Married to Todd countless times
25.Tess, Bess, Wes are all alters of this girl
27.Wendy Williams guest star as reporter on Access Llanview; Last name is Rose
29.Presumed to be Todd Manning for 8 years; Didn't know who he really was
33.Bitchy Mayor of Llanview; Old Hag
34.Oldest of all three Ford boys
35.Willing to protect his nephew Matthew from doing time for Eddie's murder
36.Thrown off a roof and into Angel Square by Marty
37.Thought to be Aubrey Wentworth; until name was recentley revealed as an alias
39.Porn Director
41.Currently in hospital for being knocked out; Destiny is carrying his child
43.Killed by Matthew Buchanan
48.Foster mother to Natalie and Rex; runs a salon
49.Last name is Lawrence; Biological father of Jessica Brennan
51.Wise-Ass Butler
53.Biological mother of Rex Balsom; Had Affair with Charlie

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