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A Safe Lab!

Matthew Wieters

Lab safety rules

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1.This is where the box in centered for all waste materials, waste chemicals, and broken glass is. (2 Words)
5.Always _________________ labels on reagent bottles before removing any reagent (2 Words)
7.This garment is one of the only items that is optional to wear in a Lab (2 Words)
8.Never apply ______ when inserting or removing glassware
11.Long or dangling hair must be ___________, especially around an open flame (2 Words)
12.You should only take as much as _________ for any reaction
13.Allow plenty of _____for a hot object to cool before touching it
14.You should never leave your lab station to do this (3 Words)
16.NEVER put your face near the ______ of a container that holds chemicals
17.To minimize breakage of a graduated cylinder, use this object
18.This piece of equipment must be worn when heat or chemicals are present (2 Words)
19.You should always report spills and accidents _____________ to your professor or teacher
20.Glass tubing should always be carried this way
2.Keep all combustible materials away from this (2 Words)
3.To properly mix an acid with water; this is the right technique (4 Words)
4.You shouldn't walk around in ______________ while in the lab area (2 Words)
6.Use this technique to properly test the odor of the chemical that you are working with
9.You should never ___ anywhere in the lab area
10.Never return _____________________ to stock bottles (2 Words)
15.If a Bunsen Burner doesn't light after _____tries, shut off the gas and alert the instructor

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