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Lab Safety Rules

Rachel Torlay

These rules show you how to safely work with equipment and materials in the lab to prevent injury.

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3.When should you clean up a spill in the lab?
4.Do not shake down a lab ____________.
6.You should use a _________ to clean up a spill at the lab station.
9.You should never leave anything ____________ that is being heated or is visibly reacting.
11.Keep all combustible materials away from open _________.
12.What kind of motion should be used when testing for odors?
13.What should you do to tubing before inserting it into stoppers?
15.When mixing acid and water which should you add first?
1._______ return unused reagent to stock bottles.
2.What kind of shoes should be worn while performing a lab?
5.How should glass tubing be carried?
7.Always use a ________ when placing hot glassware on the lab table.
8.Dispose of waste metals in the ________.
10.These must be worn at all times when working at the lab stations, especially with chemicals or heat.
14.What lab protection equipment is optional but advised?

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