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Visual Vocabulary

ART and YOU and Mr. "K"

Write the word that best fits the clues given, in the appropriate boxes. The choices come from the vocabulary of Chapter 2. A quiz on this material is coming soon. So use this as a study guide.

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3.lightness or darkness of a color
4.possible 2012 super bowl champions
7.possible 2011 world series champions
9.the look or feel of action in a work of art
10.a continuous mark
11.a way of combining similar elements to accent their similarities
13.area between, around, above, below or with in things
15.an object with three dimentions
16.the way art "feels"
19.I need this to draw in for Art Class (no space between words)
20.intricate and complicated relationships in art
22.different ways the elements can be used in a work of art
23.brightrness or purity of a color
24.equalibrium or stability of a work of art
25.wholeness or oneness of a work of art
1.hue, intensity, value
2.a skillful blend of elements and principles
5.a two dimentional area
6.the name of a color
8.contrast in art that stresses differences
12.a series of gradual changes
14.relationship of certain elements to the whole and each other
17.basic components or building blocks
18.careful placement of repeated elements in a work of art
21.president of the United States

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